Monday, 19 November 2012


how shall i start? Ive been making beats for about 8 years now,and djing for 21 years.
Since i started producing i realised that theres a never ending learning process.and that you always strive for that perfect the begining i would just vibe and fling together me the track sounded heavy but to the trained ear,this was not the i learned more i realised that being in key was the key and knowing about the fundamentals of sound levels was also a key factor.after applying these skills my music took on a whole new sound and began to actually sound like also trained my hearing to listen to music in a whole new way.
Quickly i began to hear compression
And EQ.also how reverb was used and how vocals would sound big in the mix.
One thing i will say is that in some cases this knowledge can also lead to you realising that theres a lot of shit out there.and in some cases these are the people at the top making money.but fear not!
Arm yourself with the knowledge and strive for that sound you want.
Together with hard work and long too can be that top producer.only in this case you would have learned your craft and know what your well as being able to take control in a studio situation. E.g. if a sound is not sounding right instead of mr big time producer trying to parm you if with bullshit you can examing and adjust yourself and know what you did was correct.
Armed with the knowledge they will know your correct too.
And with this your producing career will hit new heights.
 And even if you never make is as big as ,lets say DR.DRE at least you,ll gain long term success in this mad world we call THE MUSIC BUISNESS.

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